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Explore solo and cooperative play using your existing KeyForge decks!

Automatically receive every new KeyForge Adventure, which features new enemies to face and challenges to conquer.

KeyForge Adventures (PvE) Subscription

KeyForge Adventures (PvE) Subscription

Automatically receive every new Adventures (PvE) expansion for KeyForge.

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KeyForge Adventures are standalone scenario packs that comprise the PvE variant for KeyForge. Use any of your unique KeyForge decks to overcome each Adventure, either solo or with a team!

The price charged for every release served through this subscription is its MSRP. If two or more KeyForge Adventures products release at the same time, we will process and ship them together, saving on total shipping costs.

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Box for Fall of the House Gormangeist
The Fall of House Gormangeist
August 4, 2023
Abyssal Conspiracy
October 14, 2022
Rise of Keyraken
October 14, 2022
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Box for Fall of the House Gormangeist
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Fall of the House of Gormangeist Scenario


The third PvE encounter for KeyForge, and the first exclusively from Ghost Galaxy!

This adventure is sure to challenge even the most excellent of your decks. Like other KeyForge: Adventures, it is a multiplayer scenario (1-3 players) in which players work together to defeat the scenario. Each player must bring a KeyForge Archon deck to the game.