Keyforge Winds of Exchange card art
A triumphant return for the original Unique Deck Game.

Lock in decks for every new KeyForge set and get back in the action.

KeyForge Deck Display Subscription

KeyForge Deck Display Subscription

Automatically receive deck displays (12 decks) for every new set of KeyForge. Free US shipping on 2+.

1 of every new deck display

$124.70 per release

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KeyForge is back with a relaunch from Ghost Galaxy - a new studio run by former FFG Founder Christian Petersen!

After a successful GameFound campaign, KeyForge is now actively in production again. You've found the best way to get new decks for each new set without the hassle of pre-payment, spotty availability, or glacial fulfillment times.

The price charged for every release served through this subscription is 20% off MSRP (also known as MAP or Minimum Advertised Price). This subscription will not serve PvE Adventures, as there is a separate subscription for that product line.

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Winds of Exchange
August 4, 2023
Dark Tidings
May 14, 2021
Mass Mutation
July 10, 2020
Worlds Collide
November 8, 2019
Age of Ascension
May 30, 2019
Call of the Archon
November 5, 2018
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KeyForge Winds of Exchange Display Box
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Winds of Exchange Sealed Display Box (12 Decks)


A sealed deck display box for the Winds of Exchange set of KeyForge, the first set from the relaunch spearheaded by Ghost Galaxy Games.

Each sealed display comes with 12 unique decks.