TC OPEN: Summer Sign-Ups!

πŸ™‚ Noobs welcome! πŸ™‚

Announcing the second Team Covenant Open of 2018, free to all players wishing to participate. The TC Open is a tournament run 3 times per year, using Standard Play rules (with some modified rules). This tournament is conducted on the VASSAL gaming platform, with 1 tournament match scheduled every 10-11 days. Players are paired and make contact here at Team Covenant, reporting wins and scores to me either here or by email. Any player may join, even if you are new to the Team Covenant website.

This tournament will begin on May 9th, 2018.
(Sign-up for this tournament will end on May 7th, 2018.)
Qualifying will end mid-June; elimination will end mid/late July.

Visit this website to see your opponent for each round. I post a new pairings article to start the next round. Look for your name, then contact your opponent. Schedule, play, then report the outcome to me.

– an EMAIL ADDRESS (one you are willing to share)
– the most recent X-wing module for VASSAL
– a list that is legal for Standard Play (100pt limit)
– enough spare time to play 1 game every 10-11 days

Read through the additional format rules posted below before deciding on your squad. Choose what to play and EMAIL ME with the list you wish to play. If your squad is legal, I will message you back welcoming you to the tournament. (If your squad is not legal, I will message you back anyway to tell you the problem.) Once you send your list and are welcomed, you are all signed up!

my email:

I will not be accepting sign-ups through other mediums, such a TC’s private messenger.

Qualifying will be 3 rounds of play, one game every 10-12 days. Pairings for Round 1 will be random. Pairings for Rounds 2-3 will be based on tournament record, with players being paired who have the same number of wins/losses. All players with a record of 2W 1L or better will qualify for the single elimination bracket and continue playing.

All players who get a 1W 2L record qualify as alternates and will be randomly selected if an elimination seat becomes vacant.

We will not be using MoV to order players during elimination. Instead, we will be using “Points Kept”. There are two ways to score Points Kept:

— If you win, you score Points Kept for the number of points you still have in play. This will NOT include your initiative bid, so opt to bid cautiously since these are points that you cannot score. Even if you win without losing a ship, you will not score a full 100 points unless your squad is 100 points.

— If you lose, you score Points Kept for the number of points you flew off the board. If you must forfeit a game without playing, you score Points Kept for your entire squad (again; you don’t score 100 unless your squad is 100). If you wish to forfeit a game that you are losing, you only score Points Kept for ships you actually fly off of the board before conceding; you don’t get to count ships you left in play to die.

NOTE: Winning will not afford players a bonus 100 points.
NOTE: Large ships do still count as half-points when damaged.
NOTE: Use “points in play” to determine the winner.

Rules here should lead to two possible events we are not accustomed to seeing.Β  One is that severely damaged ships might intentionally retreat from battle, rather than stick around. The other is that we might occasionally see a chase, where one player who has given up trying to win is just trying to get their ships off the board. Both seem in theme with the game and might create interesting scenarios.

“Points Kept” are not scored until the winner of the game is decided. Score the game under normal tournament rules to determine a winner; full points for dead enemy ships, and half points for half-dead large enemy ships. Once a winner is decided, toss these numbers — you don’t need them anymore. Score for the winner and loser via the Points Kept rules above.

Games will be 90 minutes starting after set-up, then 4 full turns after the 90 minute mark. If both players agree, the 4 full turns may be delayed until one player calls for them β€” for instance, a game might go 143 or even 180 minutes before one player decides to begin the 4 turn countdown. No player may call for the countdown before at least 90 minutes. If players are not 100% sure that 90 minutes has passed, 90 minutes has not passed. Mark the starting time, so you can both be sure.

A game at 90 minutes should be at least 15 turns into the game, averaging 6 minutes per full turn. 2 minutes or less of this 6 minute pace should be spent in the planning phase β€” do not β€œslow-play” your opponent because you are unsure of your moves, and cooperate with your opponent to keep the game moving once dials are set. If your opponent consistently holds up turns so that they take 7+ minutes, report that player to me so that I can drop that player from the tournament. That said, it is OK to spend 3 minutes to plan your dials on an especially important turn (2-3 times per game). Do not take more than 4 minutes on any planning phase. It will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct to play slowly during this tournament.

Players who must step away from the game will not be punished. Do not count this time toward 90 minutes of play, and do not misuse your right to step away from the game to afford yourself more time to plan your dials. If you suspect a player is saying β€œbrb” to give themselves extra time, report them to me after the game.

All cards that have been fully spoiled (and are included in the most recent module) are allowed, as long as we know how those cards operate. Cards with unknown text require a ruling by me. If I do not have a posted ruling, you may not use the card. Feel free to request a ruling on any card.

Obstacle selection is not required when submitting your squad.

At the start of each match, after initiative choice is determined but before that player assigns initiative, obstacles are selected by each player. The player without initiative choice chooses their 3 obstacles first, then the player with choice chooses afterward.

One player or both may choose 1 huge ship instead of 3 asteroids/debris as their selection. (Rules for placing and using this obstacle are in the Huge Ship Handbook β€” a pdf is available at FFG’s website.) Important to these rules is that the player who is given initiative must place a huge ship if possible, and that placing a huge ship means your opponent will place all other obstacles.

Feel free to tailor your obstacle selection for each match against theΒ enemy.

This is an important section in the format rules. Read carefully.

These ships will start each game with +1 Hull:
– E-wing
– HWK-290
– A-wing

– TIE/FO Fighter
– TIE Advanced Prototype
– Quad Jumper

These ships will start each game with -1 Hull:
– TIE Silencer
– Scurgg

– Jumpmaster 5000
(note: Tel errata, he’ll only take 3 damage cards when killed)

– ships with TIE/V1 equipped
– ships with TIE/X7 equipped

CLOAK TOKENS (house rule — mainly for TIE Phantom)
When a ship activates in combat, it may discard its Cloak token in order to make an attack. (This is not de-cloaking. You just discard the Cloak token.)

MOBILE ARCS (house rule — Lancer specific)
A ship with a mobile arc cannot attack cannot perform a primary weapon attack against a target that isn’t in its mobile arc. (However, it can still attack using cards like Snap Shot or Hotshot Blaster.)

HARPOONS (house rule — nerf)
Harpoon Missile reads as follows:

Attack (target lock): Discard this card to perform this attack.

If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage. Then cancel all dice results and
assign the “Harpooned!” Condition to the defender. “

During ship placement, the following ships may equip the Adaptive Ailerons title:
— E-wing (also gets +1 Hull; as listed above)
— HWK-290 (also gets +1 Hull; as listed above)
— U-wing
— Lambda Shuttle
— Upsilon Shuttle

— Khiraxz Fighter

Equipping Adaptive Ailerons this way does not discard/replace other titles.
Players make the decision to equip when placing that that pilot on the board.

I’m looking for good advertising this time, to increase player count and get knowledge of the TC Open out there to those players who’ve never heard of it or aren’t aware that a new one is starting. All ideas are welcome. All help spreading the word is welcome. I’m not trying to break any records here (in Wave 6 I think I had one that was 150+ players?), but the more the merrier and I wouldn’t mind the extra work.

I’m also looking for a way to improve the ease of player communication. This time around I’ll be posting emails with player names, but additional ideas here are welcome too. (I’ve heard some players like to use SLACK to contact others, for example.) Let me know if you have any ideas on this front, and assistance beyond that is also appreciated if you are able/willing.

πŸ™‚ I look forward to another great tournament. πŸ™‚

  1. in the short term, you’ll be able to manipulate your own set of xwing-data by cloning it first (a very easy process on github, requiring a few clicks), tweaking some values inside ships.json and have everything spawn just right in Vassal. It kind of yearns for enough changes to make it worthwhile though, and the squad building process will still not show your changes, unless you do like the X-Wing Supremacy people and clone+tweak your own YASB builder…

      1. I actually thought you posted it to the wrong article by mistake, and meant for it to be in the 8.0 release announcement.

        Are you telling me that players can manipulate starting hull values for their ships, prior to opening Vassal and spawning ships? Or equip Adaptive Ailerons to things other than TIE Strikers with a bit of GitHub magic? It sounds harder to do in GitHub than in Vassal, if so — am I completely misunderstanding?

      2. No, I’m saying that you, the TO of a custom event, could prepare your special set of tweaked pilots, ships and upgrades on a forked github repository (based on our own that runs the base game). If you wanted to go the extra mile, YASB would also be forked and tweaked with the same specific data (but this is cosmetic, optional). What this would mean for your players: they’d spawn the correct stats on the ships right away, you could also provide cards with custom visible text if you wished. And the extra mile step would make it so that they’d also all see these changes at the wbeb squad builder step

      3. Yes. If you had no tweaked builder, then you’d have to manually write a XWS formatted squad (you could possibly make a squad normally in YASB, then export to XWS, then edit it in notepad and add the missing entry while respecting the format – easy to pick off the rest of the squad). If you had an associated builder, it’d be even easier. In both cases, if you didn’t want to bother with an image file for your title, then the module will simply assemble a placeholder card with your title correctly typed in (placeholders are a new 8.0.0 feature)

    1. It takes about 4 months to set up and finish a TC Open. I just jump right into the next one each time, to get in 3 per year.

      As far as rules go, I’m wondering if we will see anyone on AA Khiraxz lists. I fly x5 AA Strikers w/ Hull sometimes, which would be a similar list (Khiraxz giving up some dial options but gaining freebie stuff via Vaksai title; both lists are ATT 3 AGI 2 with 5 health).

      -1- 3pts, Cruise Missile (at speed 3+)
      -2- 4pts, Harpoon Missile
      -3- 5pts, Homing Missile

      -1- 4pts, Harpoon Missile
      -2- 3pts, Cruise Missile (at speed 3+)
      -3- 5pts, Homing Missile

      -1- 4pts, Harpoon Missile
      -2- 5pts, Assault Missile
      -3- 3pts, Cruise Missile (at speed 3+)

      None of the older missiles were bad. Something had to give.

      Harpoon Missile doesn’t explode when it hits; it lodges into the the hull and waits to be detonated at an ideal time when the target is near other enemy ships. So thematically it makes sense that it does low damage initially, then explodes for extra damage later (an explosion meant to target nearby ships; not to the impaled one). So I went with the nerf that best fit that theme.

      As far as utility, lists that are good until they meet up against a strong evade-defended jousting list will still want to consider running a single Harpoon Missile. Lists like Jess Lowhhrick Ezra Rex will still take similar damage from a Harpoon, despite the house nerf. (Assault Missile is less accurate and can miss vs this list, unless targeting a Lowhhrick that has no Evade + Reinforce shell.) Being able to land 2 damage (counting the triggered condition) easily against an ace target is also good. Harpoon remains the best missile against a TIE or Scyk swarm (which eat VCXs, one of the most popular live-meta ships).

      Players definitely won’t want multiple copies of Harpoon. With the house nerf in place it becomes bad against regenerating targets in 1v1 fights, and against high health targets that might take 2-4 damage (instead of 2) from other missiles. It’s particularly bad vs VCX and Decimator, and against cheaper AGI 1 builds like 24pt Linked Battery B-wings or 24pt TLT Y-wings.

  2. Whoa, Corran with Ailerons… gonna be fun. Can you clarify something Jeff? If I adv sensors a boost with Corran, I would then have to do an aileron boost/move before my actual dial (unless stressed)? I just want to make sure I understand how ailerons will work on a ship that has boost. It doesn’t count as a boost, right, so technically you can get two 1-banks in before you reveal your dial (with adv sensors).

    Am I thinking though this correctly? The options are staggering and I like it.

    I also love the change to harpoons. Thank you!

    1. Adaptive Ailerons does a speed 1 maneuver, not a boost. So if you had a ship with both Advanced Sensors and Boost, you would do the following steps:

      -1- Before dial reveal, opt to use Advanced Sensors (for any action)
      -2- Before dial reveal, trigger AA to do the speed 1 maneuver.
      -3- Perform your dial maneuver.

      This does allow Advanced Sensors + PTL (on Corran, Etahn, or Blackmoon w/ R2-D6) to turn off Adaptive Ailerons — you could use the combo to stress yourself before you reveal your dial, to avoid using AA.

      Advanced Sensors + Fleet Officer (or + General Hux) can allow an Imperial Shuttle to do the same thing, stressing itself prior to dial reveal to slow down.

      U-wing or HWK can use Jynn + Experimental Interface to slow down.

      Khiraxz Fighter can opt to slow down with Contraband Cybernetics, or it can bring Inertial Dampeners to switch to a stop (and then have AA off next turn as well to continue moving slowly for a second turn).

      E-wing is a bit of a special case because even the PS 1 Knave can bring Flight-Assist Astromech. This would allow even an AA Knave to do the following:

      -1- Do a speed 1 maneuver (via AA).
      -2- Trigger FAAstromech to Boost or Roll, off the AA move.
      -3- Reveal and perform dial maneuver.
      -4- Trigger FAAstromech AGAIN (doing the other action).
      -5- Perform a normal action.

      This is quite a lot of speed, but it would be difficult not to fly right past enemy targets.

  3. Wow! Lotta options. One more quick question for clarification, can you do AA before an adv sensors barrel roll?

    For example, would this be possible:

    -AA boost right
    -adv sensors roll left (then push for focus)
    -reveal dial and move

    In other words, does the AA have to be immediately before revealing dial?

  4. I just wanted to expound, from the perspective of a player, on the “Points Kept” scoring rule I’ll be using this time around.

    Whether winning or losing, players will want to be guarding points as much as possible. They’ll want to keep all their ships in play, and they’ll want time to fly hurt ships off of the board if they realize they can’t win the game. This leads to favoring certain ships, almost by their defensive traits alone.

    This paradigm is a sharp break from the last TC Open, where I used “Points Killed” as the scoring metric. There, what survived of your squad didn’t matter at all. You wanted to maximize offense, to kill the entire enemy squad. Preserving points hurt your opponent’s scoring, but didn’t score you any points.

    On merit, I definitely favor “Points Killed” over “Points Kept” — so why did I make the rule change? I have 3 reasons. None of them have to do with improving this TC Open over the last one:
    -reason 1-
    Some newer players may not realize this, but “Margin of Victory” scoring began here, with the TC Open. The largest difference between what FFG eventually made official and what my own rules were was that I scored games as a draw if players didn’t outscore the opponent by 12+ points — FFG didn’t impose such a rule, and eventually (for sportsmanship reasons) did away with draws instead. Ideas used in the TC Open, they are seen by play-testers and get to the ear of FFG. So it is good to test ideas here; it is helpful to the game.
    -reason 2-
    Right now, I’m looking very hard at making “Points Killed” the new standard scoring metric. I believe it is better than MoV to allow insanely defensive ships a place in the game without letting them dominate. The TC Open I’ll be hosting this Autumn will return to Points Killed scoring, and I’ll likely be using that method from then on. But before I switch, I wanted to use “Points Kept” for one tournament. This is to demonstrate the stark similarity to “MoV”, which highlights the problems with MoV and why a switch to Points Killed scoring would be better for the game as we get more and more ultra-defensive builds in the game.
    -reason 3-
    I think everyone should be aware, when choosing squads this time, that the 49pt Corran Horn build (the version that runs Advanced Sensors) will absolutely be the ship to beat. The E-wing is under 2 buffs; +1 Hull to help justify its high cost, but also free access to the Adaptive Ailerons title. (There may also be a few players who opt for a PS 10 Corran that runs Veteran Instincts; but that doesn’t look as easy to protect.) If you aren’t running Corran Horn in this tournament, your list should probably be excellent at hunting him.

    This means that R3-A2 + Gunner (likely on Ezra) should also be popular, and Conner Net delivery builds as well since those shut Corran down pretty hard (especially out of Rebels, since Sabine crew is so good with those). Quad TLT and other high fire-power turret lists may be popular this tournament as an anti-Corran measure. The PS 11 missile delivery lists might be out in force to hunt Corran — running Homing Missile this time, to get past Corran’s Evade tokens. Ion spam lists might try to catch Corran. We might see use of EMP Device.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that scoring only matters if you still win the same number of games. If you switch to a more defensive list but win 1 less game, you didn’t really benefit. So there is a limit to the merits of Corran and other defensive builds in this tournament. I don’t want to advocate that Corran is the clear best way to go, only that he’s quite a lot of points you’ll be almost unable to kill unless your squad is build to hunt him.

    This tournament should have a strange meta. Every list should be ready to kill Corran, so how good will he be to actually bring despite being abstractly powerful in this format? Will he be so hunted that he loses games? Will he still be a good bet because most players lack the list-building skill to hunt him effectively, or still don’t kill him just because he’s that slippery? Almost every meta we have had since Wave 4 has orbited around something broken in strength that saw limited play because the counters to it became insanely common. (For examples; Echo was countered by Whisper and Han in Wave 4, and our current meta revolves around dealing with Harpoon Missile.) This tournament will orbit around Corran. What will that look like?

    In a way, this tournament will demonstrate that the issue of card strength is NOT meta issue — metas can adapt to a strong threat, as long as there are any counters to run. I predict Corran will be popular but won’t be at the final table. Card strength is a core game balance issue, which is deeper problem. Adding to the pool of busted cards creates a slowly less playable game, since it becomes harder to counter anything… we end up with broken cards against broken cards, and much of the card pool ends up unused. This is not unavoidable, and it is 100% a catastrophe (not a feature of card games; that’s hype not reality. Plus X-wing is not a card game).

    The rule changes that I implement over the long haul, over multiple tournaments, are intended to broaden what is playable. I want to include as many ships and cards from the pool as I can and remove some of the dominance certain cards have over the rest of the game. You will not be seeing “Points Kept” again from me in a TC Open. I ask that you help me break the format, and show the issues with allowing players to score based on avoiding combat.

  5. This is very interesting, Jeff. I’m really curious to see how it impacts list building and play style. Should be a fun experiment.

    I’m curious if you have a provision in your rules for cases in which a ship is forced to fly off the board due to the opponent’s use of ion. Let’s say I’m using controlbots and I somehow manage to fly a 49-point Corran off the board. Will my opponent still retain those points if they lose the match?

    1. Ships that leave the board will count toward Points Kept (for the losing player), regardless of whether they flew off on purpose or were forced out of play. Ion weapons to force enemy ships to flee and protect your own squad from taking damage should still be useful, so I don’t think we need a special rule. It doesn’t matter to players if the opponent salvaged points — the winner’s scoring wouldn’t change at all.

      I’m actually running more than just a Corran Horn experiment here. I’ve made E-wing in general into the best ship in the game for cost (by a small margin anyway), so that at least once in the half-life of X-wing the poor E-wing gets a real day in the sun. A multiple E-wing squad could be good this time around, though something will need R3-A2 to herd Corran. I was contemplating something like this:!s!277:98,21,69:-1:26:;72:43,1,163:-1:25:;72:43,1,163:-1:25:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron&obs=

  6. Two Questions:

    1) Just for sake of clarification, Tel’s ability would be 3 face down damage cards (leaving her with 1 haul still), right? Been flying her recently, and not sure if I will take her.

    2) If a game goes to time, is the game measured based on Points Kept or Points remaining on the board?

    Also, really clever format! Thanks again for setting this up.

      1. Yeah since the big nerf on the Jumpmaster, I like Dengar, but Tel with expertise and dengar crew has been more effective for me.

      2. Oh you should try Maul, outlaw Tech, Hotshot copliot, and LW on Bossk. It is fun to do the zero stop over and over again, cause Maul is removing the stress if you hit

      3. Lone Wolf? that’s odd. I used Tel to protect Bossk’s backside so my enemy can’t get behind him. Also, I can’t get Lone Wolf to work well, I like my ships together.

      4. I think I’d run Draw Their Fire on Bossk, these days. There are too many Kylo lists, and Bossk is easy to hit. It should extend his life reasonably, compared to LW.

      5. Yeah, I fly Bossk pretty weird. Where I am either having him get fired upon early on , or he is providing circling fire for Tel. Ideally, I have Tel stay far enough to allow the LW to be active but essentially Tel hunts down Poe.

    1. 1) After thinking on Tel, yes. He will take only 3 damage cards. Noted in article as well.

      2) At time, the game is measured by points currently on the board. Points Kept is just how the game is scored after the winner is determined.

    1. The Lancer’s primary arc still exists. It would come into play when using Ketsu’s ability, against Backstabber, when using Snap Shot, etc etc. You just cannot make primary weapon attacks with a Lancer against a target that is not in your mobile arc.

  7. Hey Jeff, to clarify something, Is points kept just the ships on the board or including an initiative bid? So if you take Fel and a 3 point bid he is effectively 34+3 points.

    Is this still the case for determining the winner?

    1. I have made no changes to how the winner of a game is determined.

      This means your initiative bid DOES count towards points still in play, when deciding who wins if a game goes to time. A 34pt Fel at the end, with a 3pt initiative bid, is 37pts toward determining the game’s winner.

      If Fel wins the game, you would score 34pts in “Points Kept”.

      1. It will be handled the same way as usual.

        If the Nashtah Pup is the only ship left in play, that player wins the game. The Nashtah Pup is worth 1pt in this scenario (only when it is the sole ship on the board), so the winner would get 1pt in Points Kept when scoring the game.

  8. Regarding marketing, that’s what I do for a living. Let’s work on a logo and a means to post this on social media to build interest. Email me directly and we’ll get moving on it. I’m happy to help build the X-Wing community!

    1. No changes.

      The U-wing at 21pts, even with Adaptive Ailerons equipped, isn’t really better than other options. (It might be better in some ways than the Upsilon or Lambda, but that’s fine.) I don’t need to strip the AA access there.

      The T-65 goes from mildly overpriced (+1) to mildly underpriced (-1) and more maneuverable… which should make it more central to the game by a little hopefully. I see a lot of 4 or 5 ship squad options available as a result of the discount, enough firepower out of a mobile list to wreck most currently popular lists.

      Even assuming CAZ is 21pts like the Rookie:

      20 (x5) Rookie w/ FAAstro, RR, IA, S-Foils

      I may actually be bringing this list to the TC Open this time, unless CAZ is cheaper than 21 and I can find a good use for the extra points in a 5th ship.

  9. Just be up to date, with all the announcements that happened yesterday and monday (X-Wing 2.0 and all the TIE Reaper Stuff), I would like to know if the TIE Reaper will be playable in this tournament. If he is, the jam action must be defined.

    Not that I have the intention of playing it, but if someone wants to, he must be advertised.

    1. The Jam action was partially (re)defined in the new TIE Reaper article.

      What we know:
      — It assigns a Jam token. This forces the target to discard a Focus, Evade, or Blue Target Lock. The player whose ship is being jammed chooses what to discard, if they have multiple tokens to choose from.
      — We know how to handle Jam tokens, from the Jamming Beam cannon that was released. It stays on the ship until that ship can discard a Focus, Evade, or blue Target Lock to get rid of the Jammed token.

      What we don’t know:
      — We don’t know that Jam will still be Range 1-2 like it was. We can kind of assume it though, since Jamming Beam is Range 1-2 and the old Jam ability (the one that Huge ships get) is Range 1-2.
      — We don’t know that Jam will be changed on Huge ships. It might still assign 2 stress tokens when used by a Huge ship.

      If anyone wants to play a TIE Reaper, the new module (8.0) allows you to load those cards. This ship and all newly spoiled cards will be entirely playable in the tournament. I will note that some similarities between the new TIE Reaper and the “buffed” U-wing:

      24pts PS 1 TIE Reaper w/ Lightweight Frame + AdvA
      — You get a tighter hard turn (speed 1).
      — You get a speed 1 S-Loop (very strong w/ AdvA title).
      — You get the JAM and Evade actions.
      — Tactical Officer Access can give you Coordinate action.

      21pts PS 2 U-wing (w/ house-ruled AA access) + RR + PWing
      — You get a system slot.

      They will be comparable on the field — both are 10 health, with 3 red dice on attack and 2 green dice on defense. The Reaper is much more maneuverable, with more actions it can take. The U-wing is cheaper, making it mildly more efficient. The U-wing’s system access gives it some plays/builds that the Reaper can’t mimic.

  10. With only 1 day left in sign-ups, I have only 8 entries. I am not sure why — to be quite frank, I’m confused about it. Some format rules will not make sense with so few players, so I may adjust them or just cancel this tournament. I will decide on May 8th.

    1. In my case, I’m already playing in the Scum and Villainy Open and the regular vassal league. Adding a third might stretch me a bit thin, especially considering most of my opponents are in pretty different time zones.

    2. We jumped to 14 entries by this afternoon (excluding my own), so I will definitely hold the tournament and use the declared format rules for qualifying/elimination. It will be a small turnout this time, but it is what it is.

      2.0 doesn’t interest me much, at the moment. I don’t find anything lacking about the current game, and 2.0 looks a bit harder to teach a new player. The introduction of force-sensitive pilots as a thing is kind of irksome — I dislike that it will be part of the new game.

      1. would have joined but I have a ridiculous end of semester of a ridiculous workload as in, you’re not supposed to accept this kind of thing.

    1. Sign-ups have closed. Sorry, I’ve posted lists already. Do you think a lot of people were waiting until the last week to sign up, but then found themselves busy and distracted? The turnout dropped by a good 15+ people.