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BulkBox Set (3 Boxes, 36 Dividers)

Set of three BulkBoxes and 36 card dividers, enough for 11,400 cards. Ditch the rough and flimsy white cardboard—this is better.

Free US shipping on 3+ sets.

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  • Free US shipping on 3 or more sets.
  • 3 storage boxes and 36 card dividers per set.
  • Square design perfectly fits KALLAX shelves.
  • Double-walled structure increases sturdiness.
  • Sustainably sourced, minimal waste, 100% recyclable.

We've partnered with Rikki, the creator of BulkBox, to be the exclusive distributor of these card storage boxes outside of the UK. Why? Because those cheap white boxes just don't transmit the reverence and quality this hobby deserves.

BulkBoxes are square and double-walled, which means they don't droop in the middle and fit perfectly in square shelves like the KALLAX. They're a smooth natural kraft brown instead of a rough white (achieved via a bleaching process that is bad for the environment and the boxes inevitably gets dirty), and they have both branded sides and non-branded sides. You can actually put them on a shelf that other people might see.

The boxes are designed with intention. Every connection and fold is hidden and seamless, and every surface a card comes into contact with is smooth. The lids are snug, the boxes are easily stackable, and they fit sleeved cards, deckboxes, playmats, and most other things you can envision. They also come with 36 card dividers.

They're not that much more than the BCWs, and they're way more reasonable for bulk storage than something really nice like the UG Superhives. The perfect mix of function and form, sustainably produced, and made by a creator worth supporting—what could be better.

  • Free shipping on 3+ sets (9+ boxes)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 11cm
  • Interior Row Dimensions 7.3cm wide x 10cm tall x 30.7cm long
  • Manufactured locally in Oklahoma (USA)
  • Exclusively available for non-UK buyers. If you're in the UK, get them direct.
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Stack of three BulkBoxes with wordmark visible from side.
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Are you buying from the UK or simply looking for more info about BulkBox? Visit the BulkBox official website.

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