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Kingswood Games - The Warlord CCG Interview

Woodrow and Josh, the founders of Kingswood Games, are relaunching the AEG classic card game, Warlord, into the modern era. It's an incredible story of two longtime fans bringing back something that they clearly love, with serious echoes of FFG's Android: Netrunner relaunch. Catch our interview to hear the full story.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kingswoodgames/warlord-saga-of-the-storm

Our top three podcasts.

We've covered a lot of ground over the years - these are three of the podcasts that are consistently brought up by listeners. Let us know your favorites via the #podcast-discussion channel of Discord!

171: When Success Isn't Enough

In the midst of a "seller's market" for a good number of games, it's all too easy to curse yourself for selling too soon, or not buying in soon enough, or selling at the wrong price. How far are you willing to push? Retailers and players can quickly find themselves in a devastating spiral, one that applies to every facet of life, and one that we are keen to discuss on this week's episode.

143: How to Ruin a Game

So you get excited for an expandable game, buy in, and fall in love. Each new expansion opens up new, unexplored ways to play. Time passes, players come and go, and then suddenly you find yourself sitting down to play and realizing that you don't really enjoy it much anymore. Something about the game just isn't what it used to be, and you long for the magic of those first moments.

Sound familiar? Join us for a discussion about one reason this happens - a breaking of the "first principles" that make a game what it is.

165: The End of Competitive LCGs

With the recent announcement that Legend of the Five Rings is reaching its end, an era of competitive games in the LCG format comes to a close. Starting with Game of Thrones, Living Card Games promised a reprieve from the costs of collectible games and a monthly injection of excitement for players. But given they've all ended, we have to ask - does this format even work?

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