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The next extraordinary chapter.

Earthborne is now a certified revolution in cooperative card games and sustainable production. Shop the second wave of products through our exclusive partnership in the US. Shipping estimated for Q4 of 2024.

Earthborne Core Set with Valley Trail Map

Earthborne Core Set (Second Printing) + Valley Map

The start of your Earthborne journey. Contains everything needed to play with 1-4 people. This new, second printing corrects a few minor grammatical or structural errors in the original.

Valley Trail Map included.

1 core


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"Earthborne Rangers is a customizable, co-operative card game set in the wilderness of the far future. You take on the role of a Ranger, a protector of the mountain valley you call home: a vast wilderness transformed by monumental feats of science and technology devised to save the Earth from destruction long ago." - Earthborne Kickstarter

But it's really more than that. We'd describe it as a different genre of expandable card game, one that is more akin to open world role-playing games where exploration and story are the focus. Go where you want. Do what you want. Wander aimlessly. Discover what's out there.

The mechanics and cards provide the depth needed to satisfy more serious "gamers" interested in maximizing the value of their plays, but one can play as inefficiently as desired and still enjoy the richness of the experience. This is a game to sink into fully, with a hot drink or a tall pint in hand, soaking up the visuals as your imagination whisks you into a future that we might all hope to one day realize.

At the same time, Earthborne Rangers is a different "genre" of production. Domestic US manufacturing. 100% FSC-certified paper. No plastic coatings. No shrink wrap. Vegetable based inks. Aside from the staples in the rulebook, everything is recyclable and/or compostable, and will not persist on our planet indefinitely.

It's an exceptional game made by exceptional people. We can't recommend it enough.


  • 540 Cards
  • 35 Card Dividers
  • 92 Tokens (punchboard)
  • Rulebook
  • Lure of the Valley Campaign Guide and Record Sheet
  • Includes Valley Trail Map (it's the best)

Legacy of the Ancestors Campaign Expansion with Arcology Corridor Map

Legacy of the Ancestors + Arcology Map

The first Campaign Expansion, an expansive add-on to the Lure of the Valley campaign found in the Core Set. Explore deep below the surface, overcoming unique challenges and encountering entirely new flora and fauna.

Arcology Corridor Map included.

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Expand the open world available to you in Earthborne Rangers by diving into a hidden, underground realm that unveils an entirely new campaign, one that weaves seamlessly into the core experience. New beings to meet, new missions to complete, new rewards to gain, new secrets to uncover—just more of why we love Earthborne so much.

The Core Set is required to play.


  • 125 Path Cards, 112 Reward Cards, 20 Location Cards, 21 Mission Cards, 3 Weather Cards, 40 General Tokens, 11 Card Dividers,
  • 1 Legacy of the Ancestors Campaign Guide and Record Sheet
  • Includes Arcology Corridor Map (never delve without a map)

Stewards of the Valley and Moments on the Path Earthborne Expansions

Stewards of the Valley + Moments on the Path

Fantastic new character creation options, including the Talespinner and Spirit Speaker, paired with new path cards to further enrich your Earthborne experience. Makes every Earthborne campaign better.

1 expansion bundle


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Stewards of the Valley adds a new Ranger background set, a new specialty set, and it deepens the card pools of each of the backgrounds and specialties from the Earthborne Rangers core game, giving you even more options for character creation and variability. Even includes additional card set dividers!

Moments on the Path adds 30 unique cards to the path deck in the form of ephemeral moments, narrative choices, and attachments.

The cards in this expansion capture fleeting moments in time--moments like catching the scent of flowers on the breeze, hearing a tree fall somewhere in the distance, or encountering a predator with unique characteristics--adding texture to the emergent narrative.

Ranger Card Doubler

An extra set of the player cards found in the Core Set. Suggested for 2-4 player groups.

1 doubler


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Four players can play out of the Earthborne Core Set, but that requires that each player resists splashing outside of their role. This is a game that feels best when you're creating unique and interesting characters, so we do suggest the doubler for groups of 2-4 players. It expands options during initial deckbuilding and throughout the game via rewards and trading, but it is not required.


  • 282 player cards (identical to the Core Set)

Deluxe Token Set and Meeple for Earthborne Rangers

Deluxe Wooden Tokens + Ranger Meeples

Massive upgrade pack for the Core Set tokens, with wooden dice replacing Progress, Harm, and General tracking, wooden tokens replacing Energy, and the most incredible little meeples replacing Ranger Tokens.

1 pack


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A high quality set of tokens and dice that make it easier to track the action during a session of Earthborne Rangers. Each set includes enough tokens and counters for one player - though there will be exceptional moments where you'll temporarily need an extra die or token.


  • 3 Awareness Tokens
  • 3 Fitness Tokens
  • 3 Focus Tokens
  • 3 Spirit Tokens
  • 5 Progress Counters
  • 5 Harm Counters
  • 5 General Counters
  • 8 wooden, screen-printed Ranger tokens.

Earthborne Pewter Miniatures concept images

Ranger Miniatures Series 1-4 (All Minis)

Includes the first set of reclaimed pewter minis from the first campaign as well as the three new sets of reclaimed pewter minis from the second campaign. Limited quantities, not sold separately!

1 pack


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Lead-free, reclaimed pewter miniatures that can act as your Ranger token during play (or anything else you want to use them for, really). Sculpted and manufactured in the UK. Images of Series 2-4 are not final sculpts.


  • 1 Exceptional Tinkerer (Artificer)
  • 1 Guardian (Conciliator)
  • 1 Peerless Pathfider (Explorer)
  • 1 Prodigy of the Floating Tower (Shaper)
  • 1 Masterful Engineer (Artificer)
  • 1 Voice of the Elders (Conciliator)
  • 1 Undaunted Seeker (Explorer)
  • 1 Adherent of the First Ideal (Shaper)
  • 1 Gregarious Inventor (Artificer)
  • 1 Pathwarden (Conciliator)
  • 1 Vigilant Lookout (Explorer)
  • 1 Anchorite of Stone (Shaper)
  • 1 Cartographer of Many Worlds
  • 1 Descendent of the Guide
  • 1 Keeper of the Grove
Series 1 Earthborne Miniatures
Series 2 Earthborne Miniatures
Series 3 Earthborne Miniatures
Series 4 Earthborne Miniatures

Atrox Mountain Playmat for Earthborne

Shared Areas Playmat - Atrox Mountain

Maybe the best art in Earthborne on a mat. Used for Along the Way, Surroundings, and Campaign cards—basically everything that isn't your player area. Vast improvement to the experience, for real.

1 mat


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A playmat featuring art of Atrox Mountain for the game areas shared by all players. Zones outlined for weather, location, missions, and everything else along the way.


13.5" x 23.5"

Ravine Player Playmat for Earthborne Rangers

Ranger Playmat - Ravine

Features art that just feels like a cozy place to be in The Valley. For your player area.

1 mat


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A playmat for an individual player area featuring artwork from the core game. Features outlines for everything you control during the game—aspect tokens, role card, deck, discard, fatigue, and everything within reach.


13.5" x 23.5"

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