What to expect from an order.

We do our best to make the ordering and fulfillment process as effortless as possible. Learn the basics via video, and the specifics below.

Standard Orders are identical to pre-orders, aside from one key point.

All of the information regarding Orders below applies to both standard orders and pre-orders, aside from the fact that pre-orders are for items that are not yet available. As such, any order with a pre-order item will be held until all items in that order are available for shipment. Once every item is available, your order will immediately ship.

Example: If you have six standard items and one pre-order item in your order, the entire order will be held until the pre-order item is ready to ship

Otherwise, orders and pre-orders are identical.

You can find the status of your order, including tracking, in your Account.

We use various order statuses to help you keep track of your order. Here's what they mean:

All orders are charged immediately when submitted.

This is occasionally a point of confusion between subscriptions and orders, especially pre-orders. A subscription is free to activate and you are not charged until 1-4 weeks before a new product. All orders are charged as soon as you submit them during checkout.

Orders are shipped worldwide.

We offer shipping service all over the world where semi-reliable delivery is available and desired. This currently excludes Russia and Belarus.

Orders are shipped within one business day.

Barring unexpected events, like tornadoes and power outages, we ship within one business day of order placement.

Shipping timetables are available through the websites of our shipping partners.

Both USPS and UPS provide delivery timelines to any given address. Feel free to consult these tools when determining when your package is likely to arrive.

Orders usually cannot be modified or canceled before shipment.

We obsess over ultra-fast fulfillment, so once an order is placed it usually cannot be changed. Please ensure that you submit your order exactly as you desire it.

Let us know if you do need any changes and we will do our best to catch things in time. With pre-orders we typically have a bigger window before fulfillment, so it's more likely that changes can be applied.

Once an order is marked as delivered via tracking, we no longer provide service on the order.

Sadly, fraud is a very common thing with online shipping, typically with customers claiming that packages were lost or stolen after tracking marked them as delivered. We only use legitimate shipping services (USPS and UPS) to ship orders, and have to trust their report of package delivery.

Service on all orders ends 30 days after they have been shipped.

If you suspect there is an issue with your order, please reach out within 30 days of shipment. This includes all orders that you suspect are lost, damaged, or incorrect. See the details below.

We replace or refund lost orders.

Any order that is lost (not marked as delivered) will be replaced if we have adequate supply. Otherwise, it will be refunded.

Before a package is considered lost, a missing mail search must be conducted according to the below timeline.

To initiate a missing mail search, follow the below guidelines.

We replace or refund damaged orders (non-cosmetic).

If your order suffered non-cosmetic damage - that is, the contents cannot be used for their intended purpose - let us know and we will either replace (if we have enough supply) or refund your order.

Damage to the thin cardboard game packaging that is not intended for long-term storage, or damage to sealed cases of booster boxes (but not to the cards within) is not covered.

Transaction fees are not refunded for orders that are canceled voluntarily.

When an order is placed through our website, a percentage of the total is paid to our online payment processor (Stripe) to securely capture that payment from your financial institution. This is known as a transaction fee. This fee is not returned, even if the order is refunded. If an order is canceled voluntarily—that is, you write in and simply want out of the agreement—we refund the total of the order minus this transaction fee.

If an order is canceled involuntarily—generally because the publisher did not produce the product or we made a mistake—we refund the total of the order, including the transaction fee (we eat it in this case).

We fix any mistakes that we make.

We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards throughout the ordering process to prevent this kind of inconvenience.

If there is a mistake, contact us at your earliest convenience and we will help.

We ship sealed cases of TCG products.

For all of our trading card games, we ship sealed cases of booster boxes if you order in multiples of case quantity. These multiples will be listed on the corresponding products.

Please note that we ship sealed cases, but we do not guarantee that they arrive sealed. There's too much fraudulent activity around replacing and returning sealed cases, and we can't control any issues that happen during shipment or cases that get opened during customs checks.

The arrival of a non-sealed or damaged case that has not impacted the cards inside is not grounds for a return or replacement, but do know that such an occurrence is extremely rare.

Household purchasing limits exist where listed.

We sometimes limit purchases to a maximum quantity per household, generally on a rolling 30 day timeframe. Orders from separate households will not share any of the following: personal information, shipping information, billing information, or payment information.

These limits are put into place in order to serve as many players and collectors as we can by preventing speculators and resellers from buying up all of our supply.

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