What to expect from a subscription.

Covenant Subscriptions are ideal for anyone looking to play their favorite games without the hassle of keeping up with new releases. Every new product is automatically shipped to your door with unrivaled speed and, often, publisher exclusives. Learn the basics via video, and the specifics below.

Subscriptions automatically create orders for new products.

Once you activate a subscription, it will automatically create orders for new products until you deactivate it.

Whenever an active subscription is processed because a new product is imminent, the following happens.

  1. Your saved credit card is charged.
  2. A new "processing" order is automatically created in your account.
  3. An email is sent to the email address saved to your account.

Example: You activate a subscription for 2x Covenant TCG Booster Boxes. After a while, a new Covenant TCG set is scheduled to release in a few weeks. Your Covenant TCG Booster Box subscription is processed, an order for 2x Covenant Booster Boxes is automatically created in your account, and an email is sent regarding the successful charge.

Subscriptions are free to activate and deactivate.

Covenant Subscriptions are not like a Patreon or monthly/yearly subscription. There are no sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or time commitments. Instead, you activate subscriptions for the product types that you want - for free - and then you automatically receive new products as they release. If you no longer want to receive new products from a subscription, simply deactivate it via your Account and you will not be charged.

It's like a light switch. Turn it on to receive new products. Turn if off to stop receiving new products.

You always know the next product that will be shipped through a subscription.

The "Release History" section of every subscription has three chronological labels: Next Charge → Processing → Shipped.

Subscriptions are processed 1-5 weeks before the release date of a new product.

Depending on the type of product and the logistical realities for a publisher, a subscription will be processed in a variable range of 1-5 weeks from the release date of a new product. An email is always sent when a subscription is processed, and it will always happen in this timeframe.

Notice is not provided before a subscription is charged due to the operational variables involved, so make sure that all of your quantity, shipping address, and payment method settings are squared up and ready for smooth sailing!

You can always update your payment and shipping information on your subscriptions.

All subscriptions are charged to the payment method you have saved as "default" in your account, so updating your default payment method will update the card that is charged for all future orders created by your subscriptions.

Similarly, all subscriptions are shipped to the shipping address you have saved as "default" in your account, so updating your default shipping address will update where all future orders created by your subscriptions are shipped.

This updated information will be used for future orders that your subscriptions create, but will not retroactively apply to any orders that have already been created by your subscriptions. See the Orders section for information on updating the address on an existing order.

You can always update the quantity of your subscriptions.

Need a few more booster boxes or expansions every time your subscription is processed? You can update the quantity of every subscription via your Account. Click into the subscription you want to update and choose your new quantity.

We do have a maximum quantity of 24 for any product in a subscription or standard order.

Orders created by subscriptions cannot be canceled, modified, or refunded.

Once a subscription has been processed, the order it created is locked in. The short version of "why" it works like this is because it's the only way a service like Covenant Subscriptions can function.

The long version is that there is an unseen amount of intensive work that we do to ensure smooth and guaranteed delivery across every part of the supply chain (well in advance of the product’s release date, based on real subscription numbers), and while that has tremendous logistical benefits for everyone involved – especially subscribers - this stability and reliability is only possible when every part of the chain honors their obligations.

If you are not certain that you want the products for a given subscription, it is probably best to stick with a system that accommodates last minute cancellations and the risks that come with it.

Of course, if an order contains an error or is damaged during shipment, we'll take care of it as we do for all orders! You can find more on damaged shipments in the Orders section.

Orders created by subscriptions cannot be combined with other orders.

The subscription pipeline is a sacred thing that is necessarily separate from the day-to-day orders that we receive.

Activating a subscription takes less than a minute!

Use the navbar at the top of the site to browse through all of the games that we support and the corresponding subscriptions that we offer. Simply add the subscriptions that you want to activate to your cart and checkout.

During the checkout process we'll collect all of your basic information, including email, name, shipping address, and payment method. We'll also create an account for you if you don't have one already so that you can store and manage your subscriptions.

If you have both subscriptions and standard products in your cart, you will activate your subscriptions first, and then proceed to checkout the physical items in your order.

Household purchasing limits exist where listed.

We sometimes limit purchases to a maximum quantity per household, generally on a rolling 30 day timeframe. Orders from separate households will not share any of the following: personal information, shipping information, billing information, or payment information.

These limits are put into place in order to serve as many players and collectors as we can by preventing speculators and resellers from buying up all of our supply.

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What to expect from an order.
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