Covenant announcements (chronological)

New Website is Live - Here’s Why

I’ve certainly noticed that as I get older, I like change less. I fight against it, which I think is helpful to maintain perspective, but it gets harder over time. You establish habits, you sink into routines, and any disruption to the “way of doing things” feels more like wasted time and less like progress - a feeling which, certainly, can be true (Twitter -> X, anyone?).

The Long Road Back to Local

Tabletop games are responsible for some of my closest friendships and many of my best memories. My frustration with the status quo back in late 2006, largely centered around local and online retailers having their heads buried in the sand, was what gave me the conviction and courage to launch Team Covenant - a singles website dedicated to The Spoils. Sixteen years later, we’re working on the third iteration of our local store, often referred to as Covenant 3.0.

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