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If you are a web application developer obsessed with clean, efficient code, following best practices (even when it’s annoying), and developing systems with minimalism in mind, consider applying below.

The Position

We're looking for a full-time Developer who wants to build industry-changing technologies as part of our continual effort to improve the tabletop gaming experience.

You will work directly with our Lead Developer to constantly hone and improve our technological systems using a variety of skill sets, focused on the development of our web applications. You will need to be a continual learner who is comfortable with the notion of adopting unfamiliar technology into their workflow while collaborating with others.

While we will consider remote applicants, our preference will lean towards someone local (Tulsa, Oklahoma).

What We Value

Our core values (see below) guide employee action and provide a clear picture of expectations. Success at Covenant is embodying these values and demonstrating them when acting on behalf of the company, especially when direct instruction is unavailable. These values are:

  • Awareness
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Receptiveness

While no person can perfectly embody every one of these values in every moment, a Covenant employee is expected to have a natural inclination toward them and a desire to actively cultivate them in all aspects of their work.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Desire to do good work for its own sake
  • Desire to constantly learn and perfect oneself (kaizen)
  • Familiarity and passion for tabletop games
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other developers and non-technical stakeholders
  • Forward-thinking approach to solving technical problems
  • Understanding and ability to use Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – planning, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Experience reading documentation and implementing production solutions
  • 2+ years of experience in Web Application Development using a Javascript framework (ex. Angular or React)
  • Proficiency working with REST APIs
  • Experience with the majority of items on this list:
    • React
    • Next.js
    • TailwindCSS
    • Stripe Payments
    • Serverless Functions
    • Vercel Hosting
    • Git
  • Nice to have experience with:
    • OAuth
    • Express
    • Markdown
  • 21 years or older
  • Must be authorized to work in the US (no visa sponsorship will be provided)

Our Current Technologies

  • React/Next.js/TailwindCSS (hosted on Vercel)
  • Supabase
  • Custom API integrations for microservices
  • Payment processing via Stripe

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