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Automatically receive Clash Kits for every new set of the Alpha Clash TCG, with free US shipping.

Clash Kits contain two ready-to-play decks featuring key contenders and mechanics for each set, and each deck includes exclusive cards not found in the booster packs.

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$24.99 per release

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Clash Kits are perfect for players new to Alpha Clash, since they contain two pre-built decks ready to play right out of the gate. They're also perfect for players not looking to heavily invest in a TCG but who still want to follow along with Alpha Clash from set to set.

And as it turns out, they're also highly relevant for dedicated players and collectors, since they contain exclusive cards and immediately jump start the deckbuilding options for each new set.

Each Clash Kit contains exclusive cards, including an AxO (Alpha x Omega) promo. One in every ten kits contains an alternate Gold Foil version of a card from the set.

The price charged for every release served through this subscription is its MSRP (the suggested price set by the publisher) with free US shipping.

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Unrivaled - Webber vs Warcry
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Clashgrounds - Mean-Streak vs Machina

Two-Player Clash Kit Starter Bundle

Two-Player Clash Kit Starter Bundle

This bundle is an unreal value for 1-2 players and undoubtedly the best way to start playing the Alpha Clash TCG.

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This bundle includes the official Awakening Two-Player Clash Kit, with preconstructed Moxie (Alpha Hunter) and Magnate (Alpha) decks – including AxO promo card – plus three individually packaged booster packs from the first set, The Awakening.

The Moxie contender, Magnate contender, and AxO promo card are exclusive to the Two-Player Starter, with the latter being a very cool tie-in to the Alpha Clash graphic novel. The top tier of that graphic novel Kickstarter got the opportunity to design a card for the game, and this is where Mean-Streak, Finishing Blow came from – it also happens to be a staple for any Mean-Streak deck.

You can explore these preconstructed decks, get a feel for the game, and then crack some packs to see the deeper card pool and do a bit of deckbuilding. Opening the packs really drives home how Rising Empire was inspired by that mid-90s Fleer aesthetic that was formative for many of us (back when cards were just for looking at!). All of it is $30 with free shipping in the US. Give the game a try and dive in more fully with a few booster boxes if you dig it! The bundle contains:

  • 1x Two-Player The Awakening Clash Kit
  • 3x The Awakening Blister Pack
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Single blister pack for The Awakening set of Alpha Clash TCG
Front of the Alpha Clash Two-Player Clash Kit

Front of the Clashgrounds Clash Kit packaging
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Clashgrounds 2-Player Clash Kit

Clash Kit for the second set of Alpha Clash, Clashgrounds. Ideal for new players or those simply looking to expand their collection in a measured way! Great experience out of the box.

Kit breakdown

  • 2x 50-card decks
  • 2x Exclusive contenders
  • 1x AxO promo card (Last Stand)

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