Ira, Crimson Haze card art
The perfect way for two players to start playing Flesh and Blood.

Ira Starter Decks, Aria Blitz Decks, and a set of Majestic Tokens to easily track the game.

Ira + Aria Majestic Two-Player Starter Bundle

Ira + Aria Majestic Two-Player Starter Bundle

This bundle is expressly built for new players and arguably the best way to start playing the Flesh and Blood TCG. Free US shipping.

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We built this bundle because the Ira Decks are criminally under-utilized as the best way to learn the fundamentals of Flesh and Blood. After learning the game, scaling up into the Aria Blitz Decks gives a realistic understanding of the complexity and back-and-forth interaction found in the games of Flesh and Blood that a new player will step into when going to an Armory or similar event.

To help with tracking and to just make the games more fun, we've also included a set of our Majestic Tokens. They're especially helpful for tracking turn-by-turn floating resources.

We're also including three random promos that pair nicely with the Aria heroes, and are shipping the entire thing for free in the US for $49.

It’s an excellent deal and a convenient package to share between two friends or to take to your LGS to teach others. Each bundle contains:

  • 3x Tales of Aria Blitz Decks (1x Briar, 1x Oldhim, 1x Lexi)
  • 2x Ira Welcome Deck
  • 1x Majestic Token Set
  • 3x Random Foil Promos
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Close up of the Briar, Oldhim, and Lexi Aria Blitz Decks with two Ira Decks above. A few Majestic Tokens can be seen in the top left.
Oldhim, Lexi, and Briar Aria Blitz Decks, two Ira Decks, three Flesh and Blood TCG card backs denoting three random Flesh and Blood TCG promos, and a full set of Majestic tokens on a wooden table
An Ira Deck fanned out across a white background