Lock in Sorcery's second set.

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Our Sorcery Booster Box Subscription is sold out.

In the lead up to Arthurian Legends, subscribers have locked in the maximum amount of Arthurian Legends Booster Boxes and exclusive promo cards that we currently have available for pre-sale. If subscriptions open up again before Arthurian Legends is processed, we will announce as much on our Discord.

We will have Arthurian Legends Booster Boxes available on release at MSRP.

Sorcery TCG Booster Box Subscription

Automatically receive booster boxes for every new set of Sorcery, starting with Arthurian Legends. Each box includes a Covenant-exclusive official foil promo card from the corresponding set, and US shipping is free on 2+ boxes.

Additionally, extremely rare "sample" production cards will be distributed randomly in subscription shipments. Learn more at the beginning of our first Sample Box stream!

1 of every new booster box

$139.00 per release

Out of Stock
  • You will not be charged during checkout. You will be charged 2-5 weeks before a new set releases.
  • Your subscription will generate orders for new sets until you deactivate it.
  • Orders generated from your subscription cannot be canceled. (Learn why)
  • Multiples of 6 Booster Boxes will be shipped as a sealed case.
  • Limit of 24 boxes per household.
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