Cloud City card art for Sorcery TCG
Precons and Playmats still available.

Booster boxes are sold out, but the Sorcery Precons are still one of highest value TCG products ever made.

Sorcery TCG Beta Preconstructed Deck Set

Beta Precons are now in stock.

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  • Perfect for new players.
  • Contains one booster pack in the box.

These preconstructed decks are different from those released as Alpha versions via the Kickstarter, with four new avatars corresponding to the four elements. Undoubtedly the best way to start playing and likely one of the best values in card games.

  • Contains 4 synergistic decks of 36 spells / 16 sites each: Waveshaper (Water), Geomancer (Earth), Sparkmage (Air), Flamecaller (Fire)
  • Mix of Ordinary, Exceptional, Elite, and Unique cards.
  • Each deck has a unique deck box that can hold its contents once sleeved.
  • Branded storage box is 7.1" x 4.1" x 3"
  • Learn more on the official Sorcery website.
Sorcery TCG Beta Preconstructed Deck Set (Pre-Order)

Half-unrolled artistic photo of Sorcery Battlefield playmat

Sorcery TCG Two-Player Battlefield Playmat - Beta

Battlefield Playmats are now in stock.

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  • Official Sorcery playmat.
  • Will be folded during shipment.

These essential Battlefield playmats are the perfect way for two players to engage in the Sorcery TCG, and are an official offering from Erik's Curiosa.

Each playmat has the Beta logo affixed in the bottom right corner, as seen in the images. Card, row, and column outlines are present, and each box is labelled by number (1-20) for easy d20 effect resolution. And for chess style notation...for whenever that becomes a thing.

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Still from our video using the Sorcery Battlefield playmat
Full digital overhead of the Sorcery Battlefield playmat

Sorcery TCG Beta Edition Booster Box

Booster Boxes from the Beta set of the Sorcery TCG, at MSRP and never higher.

1 box


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  • Price is MSRP.
  • Limit of 24 boxes per household (30 day timeframe).

Beta is the first retail release of the first set, preceded by the Alpha print run available only through Kickstarter.

This game is incredibly special—it's really a love letter to the classic TCGs that built this industry, with plenty of innovation layered on top. Fully hand-painted art, theme-forward design, mechanics that have weight to them...we can't recommend it enough, especially if you're a fan of that era of games or looking for something different from the streamlined, tournament-focused systems that followed in Magic's wake.

You can find plenty of videos on our YouTube channel if you'd like to see it in action.

  • Each booster box contains 36 packs
  • Booster packs contain 10 Ordinary cards, 3 Exceptional cards and 1 Elite or Unique card, with the chance for a foil and/or wildly special Curio card
  • Every box has a box topper pack that includes 1x Sorcerer, 3x Rubble tokens and 24x Mini tokens for various game statuses.
  • There are six booster boxes in a case. Orders in multiples of six will be shipped as a sealed case.

We limit purchases to a maximum of 24 boxes per household, on a rolling 30 day timeframe. Orders from separate households will not share any of the following: personal information, shipping information, billing information, or payment information.

The 24 box limit is in place to get Sorcery to as many players and collectors as we can. It prevents speculators and resellers from buying up all of our supply and either hoarding it or selling it at inflated prices—usually due to the artificial scarcity they create.

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