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Two-Player Clash Kit Starter Bundle

Two-Player Clash Kit Starter Bundle

This bundle is an unreal value for 1-2 players and undoubtedly the best way to start playing the Alpha Clash TCG.

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This bundle includes the official Awakening Two-Player Clash Kit, with preconstructed Moxie (Alpha Hunter) and Magnate (Alpha) decks – including AxO promo card – plus three individually packaged booster packs from the first set, The Awakening.

The Moxie contender, Magnate contender, and AxO promo card are exclusive to the Two-Player Starter, with the latter being a very cool tie-in to the Alpha Clash graphic novel. The top tier of that graphic novel Kickstarter got the opportunity to design a card for the game, and this is where Mean-Streak, Finishing Blow came from – it also happens to be a staple for any Mean-Streak deck.

You can explore these preconstructed decks, get a feel for the game, and then crack some packs to see the deeper card pool and do a bit of deckbuilding. Opening the packs really drives home how Rising Empire was inspired by that mid-90s Fleer aesthetic that was formative for many of us (back when cards were just for looking at!). All of it is $30 with free shipping in the US. Give the game a try and dive in more fully with a few booster boxes if you dig it! The bundle contains:

  • 1x Two-Player The Awakening Clash Kit
  • 3x The Awakening Blister Pack
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Single blister pack for The Awakening set of Alpha Clash TCG
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