The tabletop gaming industry should be better.

We've all been frustrated by the indifference, irreverence, and immaturity woven into our industry on an almost unconscious level. We do not accept that this is the way it has to be.

Make it easier for players to get what they need.

It's hard enough to learn games and establish communities - getting the products you need should be the easy part. We constantly cut through the convoluted paradigms that make buying so stressful.

Allow publishers to focus on what they do best.

Game publishers have to do more than ever because everyone else is doing less. We work closely with our partners and develop capabilities that allow them to spend more time on design and less time on marketing, logistics, and sales.

Build the best place to play.

Where and how people play tabletop games is the most foundational driver of how the tabletop industry functions, and we're all in on developing a new vision for the local play space. Follow along as we move toward the launch of Covenant 3.0.

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How we got here.
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